Design solutions for nursing mamas on the go.

The Mamava Lactation Station

Our first product is a free-standing pod that offers nursing mothers a safe, clean, functional, and beautifully designed space to pump/nurse when they are away from home or at work.



Imagine peaceful, private and clean solution for pumping (or nursing) mamas on the go.

That’s what we did. Then we got to work. Starting with experience and immersion, we made sketches and early prototypes, and invited dialog and feedback. Next, we designed a Nursing Mother’s Lounge and Mamava testing site at the Burlington International Airport.

And now, after many rounds of design and testing, we’ve built and installed the first Mamava Lactation Station prototype for public use and testing at the Burlington International Airport, in the gate area after travelers pass through security. Click here to read a blog post about the installation.

Mamava exterior

Features of this free-standing prototype include:

+ Dual seating for mama’s comfort preference and room for child or companion

+ Fold down table to comfortably situate a breast pump

+ Power outlet for breast pump

+ Space for luggage and/or stroller

+ Manufactured with food safe, easily cleaned materials

+ Soft lighting

+ Fixture with mirror and clean-up supplies

+ Occupied lock

MAMAVA - DORAL 001 Interior open side Simon interior simonexterior

VA locker room